DMT Collateral is a Supply Chain Solution and Collateral Management Service Company operating in the Sub-Saharan African region

DMT also specializes in field warehousing, warehousing contracting (which involves back to back issuance of storage documents covering goods in an independent warehouse), Non‐custodial verification, Receivables certification and control, assuring physical availability of commodity collateral, providing practical and cost‐ effective procedures for monitoring commodity, collateral and professional stocks monitoring services in the West African sub region.

Collateral management services are one method of securing a loan with physical commodities. A collateral management agreement is formed between the financing party, the borrowing party or the owner of the commodities. Collateral Management envisages management of physical Collateral (an Asset) or a third‐party commitment accepted by the collateral taker (Lender) to secure an obligation of the collateral provider.

Our References

The following institutions have immensely benefited from our services:

  • Universal Merchant Bank
  • Bank of Africa Ghana Limited
  • Access Bank Ghana Ltd
  • Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd
  • Société Générale Ghana Ltd
  • Unibank Ghana Ltd
  • Sahel Sahara Bank Ghana
  • National Investment Bank
  • GCB Bank Limited
  • Ghana International Bank
  • Heritage Bank Ghana Limited
  • ADB Bank Limited
  • Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited
  • Republic Bank Ghana
  • First Atlantic Bank
  • UBA Bank Ghana Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank -Nigeria and Ghana
  • Ghana Grains Council
  • EDF MAN SUGAR- London, England
  • Trammo DMMC- Zurich, Switzerland